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Air Quality Services

Air Quality Services

Our aim is to reduce emissions which are harmful to the environment. Vibrock has experience of a wide range of sampling techniques and our professionally qualified consultants have considerable experience in the following areas:


Modelling and Reporting of Vehicle Emissions utilising ADMS Software:

  • Modelling and detailed reporting of vehicle emissions and assessment against Air Quality Objectives
  • Applicable for residential, commercial and mineral developments


Industrial Sites:

  • Monitoring of operational and redundant sites for airborne pollutants such as contaminated dust
  • Monitoring of emissions to the atmosphere
  • Dust Management Plans
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring (Vehicle Emission Assessment)


Mining, Quarrying and Landfill Sites:

  • Assessment of fugitive dust by passive and active methods, both depositional and flux rates using: British Standard Deposit and Directional Gauges, Frisbee Deposit Gauges, Long term dust samplers, Adhesive strips (horizontal and directional), Glass slides (soiling of glossy surfaces), Analysis of collected deposits
  • PM10 baseline and operational particulate monitoring and assessment
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring (Vehicle Emission Assessment)
  • Background dust surveys prior to development
  • Prediction of operational dust levels, assessment of dust event risks and the full impact of any proposed development
  • Recommendation of appropriate control measure
  • Dust Management Plans



  • Advice on compliance with Health and Safety legislation
  • COSHH assessments and Occupational Hygiene surveys
  • Dust assessments and monitoring
  • Assessments of solids, aerosols, dusts and gases.

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