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Vibration Services

Vibration Services

Vibrock have the capability  to carry out vibration assessments to ensure compliance with acceptable levels at existing or proposed vibration sensitive sites. Vibrock`s highly experienced and qualified team have considerable knowledge and expertise in the following services: 

Mining and Quarrying Sites:

  • Measurement and assessment of ground-borne vibration and air overpressure from blasting
  • Measurement and assessment of vibration from HGV traffic and railway movements
  • Determination of maximum explosive charge weights to keep to any vibration  restrictions at nearby sensitive properties and services
  • Determination of minimum safe working distances
  • Independent expert advice in discussions with Local Authorities, Highway Authorities, developers and mineral operators
  • Audit of blasting operations
  • Research projects

Industrial Sites:

  • Monitoring and assessment of vibration levels on Construction Sites
  • Prediction of ground-borne vibration and air overpressure from demolition projects
  • Measurement and assessment of ground-borne vibration and air overpressure
  • Specialist advice on environmental effects of ground engineering techniques
  • Advice on risk minimisation and protection of structures
  • Damage and nuisance claim investigation
  • Risk analysis



  • Investigation of Vibration induced White Finger (VWF)
  • Measurement of Whole Body Vibration (WBV)
  • Recommendations for new or modified tools
  • Assessment of the vibration exposure of workers
  • Guidance on remedial measures
  • Surveys in accordance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005
  • Occupational exposure


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