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Noise Services

Noise Services

Our noise monitoring services are in demand from industry, mineral extraction, waste treatment and disposal, commercial and housing developments, transport schemes, superstore developments, energy generating, entertainment and leisure activities and oil exploration. Noise predictions are carried out using CadnaA noise prediction software.

Our expert services in noise extend to the following areas:

Industrial Sites:

  • Existing ambient/background noise measurements
  • Prediction and measurement of noise from new developments
  • Prediction of changes in noise due to introduction of new or altered processes
  • Recommendation of suitable noise control measures
  • Specification of plant and machinery noise levels
  • Noise monitoring of development sites for compliance with limits
  • Frequency analysis and problem identification
  • On site noise investigations
  • BS 4142 assessments
  • Recommendations for noise reduction

Mining, Quarrying and Waste Disposal Sites:

  • Noise Impact Assessment for Planning Applications.
  • Discharge of Conditions
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Environmental noise surveys to characterise pre-development ambient levels
  • Prediction of future noise levels and assessment of any impact on local noise climate
  • Noise monitoring from existing sites to determine compliance with planning conditions
  • Detailed noise control advice
  • Environmental impact assessments and statements
  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Pan 50 Annex A assessments


  • Road traffic noise assessment
  • Design of barriers and mitigation measures
  • Housing development noise assessment adjacent to highways
  • Assistance with the preparation and assessment of planning applications
  • Noise impact of traffic during construction phases


  • Workplace investigation of compliance with the Physical Agents (Noise) Directive
  • Monitoring in accordance with Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • Dosimetry measurement and analysis
  • Identification of noise problem areas
  • Frequency analysis
  • Recommendations for efficient and cost-effective noise control measures
  • Assessment of suitability of hearing protection
  • Derivation of machinery noise specifications
  • Guidance and assistance on implementation of noise programmes

Residential Development:

  • BS 8233 assessments
  • Recommendations for noise reduction
  • Sound insulation calculations
  • Predictions for noise impact assessments

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