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Dust Monitoring Equipment

Dust Monitoring Equipment

Dust monitoring is essential for the control of pollution and compliance with legislation. Pollution problems due to emissions from human activities are well known as a source of complaint. Fugitive dust can also be an issue with respect to human health due to the potential for entry into the respiratory tract or the digestive system. Vibrock offer the Frisbee dust deposit gauge, personal dust pumps and PM10 monitors to purchase or hire.

The PM10 Environmental Particle Monitor will continuously monitor the concentrations of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.  The instrumentation holds an MCERTS product of conformity certificate.

The monitor can be used for short term or long term monitoring applications and is available in a weatherproof enclosure.  Dust concentrations can be viewed on the monitor display or remotely via a GSM modem.

The instrumentation is ideal for sites which require the monitoring of small dust particles such as construction and demolition sites and the extractive industries.The instrumentation software allows data to be plotted in a graphical format suitable for export to applications such as Microsoft Word.

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