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Staff Training

Staff Training

Vibrock's staff have recently received a training update on the CadnaA noise mapping software enabling further utilisation of this powerful item of software in noise assessments. 

Training has also been undertaken on the Control of Hazardous Substances, bringing further expertise to the Occupation Assessment Department.

Aaron Gutteridge recently attended a Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) training course, where he furthered his awareness of the health effects and issues of the exposure to silica, and gained additional knowledge of health surveillance, exposure control methods and regulations.

Vibrock's staff have recently received training on the ‘Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System’ ADMS–Roads software suite developed by CERC, the model caters for problems of different complexity for air quality. ADMS-Roads is used to assess potential impacts for road traffic emissions, and combined with dispersion mapping provides a function to assess the effects of potential impacts on the surrounding areas under assessment.


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