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Vibration Monitoring in Brunei

Vibration Monitoring in Brunei
Vibrock Limited were commissioned to undertake underwater vibration monitoring from the offshore Piling of tubular steel piles used in the construction of an industrial jetty in Brunei.
The aim of the monitoring was to assess maximum vibration levels at a number of distances in order to protect a third party pipeline asset that the jetty will cross at two separate points.
Vibrock attended site in the South China Sea off of the coast of Liang, Brunei and over the course of 3 days the monitoring took place.
Once each pile was positioned a team of international divers were assembled to place each transducer on the seabed, 5m below the waters surface, at a range of distances from the pile entry point.
Vibrock were commissioned to carry out a vibration assessment of the recorded data.
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